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# Oppose Gun Control Amendment for next Covid-19 Stimulus Package #

Summary: Last failed effort of Democrats and Republicans colluding together to insert gun control is being bolstered by 24 Attorneys General to do the following:

Reauthorize the deceptively-named "Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA), a massively-problematic gun control initiative
Manufacture a whole new class of victims by depriving Americans of a hearing before losing their Second Amendment rights and property
Provide for the unconstitutional federalization of state resources, dramatically expanding the federal government’s reach into matters traditionally controlled by the states

The VAWA proposal was a MASSIVE bi-partisan assault on your fundamental rights. Please use our Take Action form below to contact Congress. Tell them you won't stand for another attempt of these treasonous politicians to sneak gun control into the next stimulus!

Using the form at the link below, tell Congress that we *STILL* reject attempts to suppress our civil rights!"
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We stopped the attempt to attach gun control to the last COVID-19 stimulus package and it's imperative that we stop the next attempt, too! Far from protecting victims of domestic violence, the reauthorization act would manufacture a whole new class of victims. Passage of VAWRA in its current form will result in the denial of…
07/28/2020 2:13 pm 07/28/2020 2:13 pm