Kyle Rittenhouse – The Truth in Eleven Minutes | Video

Find a restricted video embed from YouTube that may or may not stay up on their platform and a potential copy below in case they remove it.

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To support Kyle and his fight for justice, text “KYLE” to 36413
Visit Fightback Foundation Inc Website:
Paypal Donation Page:

Antifa On Fire: Protestor’s Feet Catch Fire After Molotov Cocktail Mishap Set To Kenny Loggins FootLoose – [Video]

Find the video censored numerous times elsewhere here. Links were by shared by members from YouTube and they deleted it at least three times, making a mess on our community feed. Fed up with censorship elsewhere, we’ve uploaded it here for your convenience. Watch and then after you finally stop laughing, share, react and comment and even download the video for yourself below. 😆

Considering a Move From An Anti-Gun to Pro-Gun State? Find The Top Gun States Ranked Here!

With the chaos occurring around the country, living in a state with laws allowing the ability to defend oneself, families and property from those who might threaten, injure or kill you to take it makes firearms ownership much more attractive. But where do you move to if your current state is anti-gun? Choosing a state that supports firearms freedom is definitely easier. After moving there, Don’t Take It For Granted! Make sure you get to the Ballot Box and Always Vote Pro-Gun! Always find the Top Gun States at:

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Top Gun-Friendly American States (38)

Christian Crowdfunding Page Blocked By Facebook Raises Over $300,000 So Far For Kyle Rittenhouse Defense!

In a legal defense fundraising campaign created by: Friends of the Rittenhouse family Atlanta, GA using, donations of currently over $300,000 and growing of $200,000 requested has been donated by Americans.

Story from the page: “Kyle Rittenhouse just defended himself from a brutal attack by multiple members of the far-leftist group ANTIFA – the experience was undoubtedly a brutal one, as he was forced to take two lives to defend his own.

Now, Kyle is being unfairly charged with murder 1, by a DA who seems determined only to capitalize on the political angle of the situation. The situation was clearly self-defense, and Kyle and his family will undoubtedly need money to pay for the legal fees.

Let’s give back to someone who bravely tried to defend his community.

The payment processor that was being used for this campaign shut down our ability to fundraise, but GiveSendGo was able to find another payment solution to keep the campaign going!”

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