Hunting With a Semi-Automatic Rifle is MUCH More Ethical! – CHANGE MY MIND

You often hear gun owners and hunters who lean more to the left, make the argument that noone needs a semi-automatic rifle to hunt. When it is actually only an attempt at gun control from the liberal gun owning community and even some rabid anti-gunners simply trying to appeal to those more  ignorant and easily fooled.

In their perfect world, one shot, one kill is every single time and animals and predators instantly die when a bullet comes anywhere near them. Because they have spent countless hours sighting in their precision sniper rifle and absolutely never, ever miss or wound an animal that gets up and runs way after the single shot.

They fall to the ground instantly and a follow up shot is never need.


Is hunting with a semi-automatic MUCH more ethical or not because you can make follow up shots faster if needed? Change my mind in the comments and share below.

Open Letters, Constructive Criticism & Suggestions From Members to Leadership at The NRA


TO: Leadership of The National Rifle Association


FROM: Members At Large of Firearms Friendly


SUBJECT: Open Letters, Constructive Criticism & Suggestions

Dear NRA Leadership,

Thank you for historical achievements related to expanding firearms freedom in America.

Leadership at The National Rifle Association is catching hell right now. A negative perception that NRA’s recent lack of more aggressive defense of gun parts like bump stocks as well as questionable financial situations, leaves many of us questioning whether we will send our membership dues to NRA in the future or contribute them to more effective elsewhere. Our resolve remains intact to help preserve and protect our republic. Does yours?

This post and the comments made by members below is in an effort to help keep or thoughts better organized into one location. Where we can organize our constructive criticism and suggestions to The National Rifle Association. Where we can discuss current situations and the NRA’s future in our opinions. A place to congregate with other freedom lovers on the NRA subject and share our thoughts freely at this firearms friendly alternative social network.

Post Your Open Letters, Constructive Critiques and Suggestions For The Future of The NRA Below.

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