What is the best handgun to use with dry fire training systems like the Mantis X?

Train with the gun you plan to carry or at least one very similar!

With the unprecedented ammo shortages we have now in 2021, shooters serious about keeping their skills tuned in have transitioned most of their range time to dry fire training and systems like the Mantis X – Live Fire And Dry Fire Training System.

Many might now say what they thought was a ridiculous, unnecessary, or even worst feature of a striker fired handgun, being a double strike or re-strike capable, has quickly become a favorite when racking a slide three hundred times with their Glock slows down training because it hurts!

One of the best guns for the money in my opinion, especially for price and availability and considering it’s close similarity to Glock feel and trigger, is a Taurus G3C or even the G2C. Both of these cheaper guns, even cheaper than some realistic training guns feature a double strike or re-strike feature. Basically a double action striker fired pistol that you don’t have to rack the slide each time before your next dry fire shot.

After testing the Mantis X2 for strictly dry fire training, I have now purchased and am very happy with the Mantis X Laser Academy Kit to help with shot placement. The Taurus and those like them give us the ability to get more trigger time without tearing our hands up or having to wear one glove just to rack a slide or have to add a charging device like the Recover Tactical Charging Handles For Glocks just to enable easier charging.

Discuss your dry fire training preferences in the comments below.

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