Why hasn’t my account been approved yet? Why can’t I login?

When registering at this site, the first step is email verification. This website sends you an email with a verification link in it that you have to click on to enable registration. This is required for email messages and notifications sent from and through the website for social networking.

If you have not received your verification email, you’re mail server may have put it in your junk mail. Check your junk mail, and while you’re there add admin@firearmsfriendly.com to your web-mail contacts. If not there, you can have the website send you a new one.

When we initially rolled out the site it triggered mail servers to reject emails due to volume. Yours may have been one of them. But that has been solved and they should now go through.

If you’re still having trouble, you may want to try another email address at a different server. Registration will only allow a username to be used once. If you are unable to re-register, send a message through the contact form using the email address that is not allowing our emails through. I will delete the other pending registration so you can use a different email address with that username.

By: Randy (Admin)

A born and raised in Montana firearms friendly website developer and promoter.

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