Considering a Move From An Anti-Gun to Pro-Gun State? Find The Top Gun States Ranked Here!

With the chaos occurring around the country, living in a state with laws allowing the ability to defend oneself, families and property from those who might threaten, injure or kill you to take it makes firearms ownership much more attractive. But where do you move to if your current state is anti-gun? Choosing a state that supports firearms freedom is definitely easier. After moving there, Don’t Take It For Granted! Make sure you get to the Ballot Box and Always Vote Pro-Gun! Always find the Top Gun States at:

If you move from an anti-gun state, which state will you be moving to? Add+ it, then click to vote daily.

Top Gun-Friendly American States (38)

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@peepso_user_1136(Ben Merendino)
Problem for people like me is, being from NY, I am afraid I would get shot before I could explain that I have not voted for a democrat EVER!! (Well, maybe one) Seriously, the conservatives from states like mine are looked upon with distain and frankly, I understand why.
Interestingly enough, those same states so far are at the bottom of the gun grabbers list at
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Every year, we grade all 50 states on their gun laws, and every year, we find that states with strong gun safety laws have lower gun death rates. Does your state make the grade?
@peepso_user_1136(Ben Merendino)
@peepso_user_2(Randy) That is pure bullshit. Look at what is going on in Chicago, NY and Baltimore. Are these people serious? Fortunately, I live far from NYC.