Hand Crafted Grips?

I would like to share the steps I take to produce my grips.

My grips are not mass produced like others or manufactured overseas. They are made here in the USA in my very small woodworking shop. Most of my power tools you can get from just about any hardware store.

There is an exotic wood store not too far away that I go to and pick out a few boards at a time.

I start with maybe a 3 foot board that I can get about 10-12 sets of grips from. I use a desktop jointer to make sure that I have at least one straight edge on the board. I use a portable table saw to cut the board to a good width. Then if the board is thick enough, I cut the board in half right up the center. I use a planer to get the right thickness for the type of grip in mind. I use a miter saw to cut squares at the correct height for each set. Then to a router to machine the shape and holes. At this point the grips are rough. I use my combination sander and hand files to clean each set up. I hand stain or paint as needed. Then I test fit and package them.

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Have a small woodworking shop and make custom pistol grips. https://www.browneworks.com

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