How does this site make money from ads different from most sites?

This website is different than a vast majority of other sites because we refuse to violate your browser for Google!

Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing a site like Facebook and see an advertisement related to a Google search you did yesterday or this morning? We are under constant surveillance and targeting from Google, Facebook and many other websites out there as well as any website that is on their payroll and employs their ads. They violate your browser constantly to see where you are, where you’ve been and what you’ve searched for in order to target ads to you. Which is currently estimated at 70% of websites out there! That percentage of websites is dependent on Google! Does that not concern anyone else? If you love online firearms freedom, it should! They hate guns!

How do ads at most websites work?

Banner and text ads you see at most sites are based on a pay per click system. They are targeting your browser history, time of day, location, age, gender and a multitude of other identifiers to find related ads you might like. If you click on an ad, the merchant is charged. The website makes a click payment that can be anywhere from 1 cent to $1.50 or more per click.

How is Firearms Friendly any different?

Visitors here MUST ACTUALLY BUY SOMETHING after clicking through ads for this site to make any money! Yes, we have to work harder, but merchants are not needlessly charged for clicks that may not even result in a sale. We don’t have to violate your browser and the potential is actually higher, the better of a job we do promoting our sponsors. It will take longer to get to a stable income where we don’t have to worry about paying the bills, but we can all sleep better at night knowing we’re not helping them bend you over!

How exactly does it work?

After you click through an ad, whether it’s an image or a text link, you will see a “?avad=” at the end of the url if it is one of our sponsors. If you understand how to preview links before clicking on them, it will display there as well. If that appears and your ad blockers are off for this site, a cookie is set by our firearms friendly affiliate program managers at Avantlink. If you complete a transaction after clicking a link here, this site makes a commission of between 1-6% depending on the sponsor and item. If you don’t clear these cookies, they will expire after an average of 30 days. Some are longer, some are shorter. It all depends on the sponsor and their program at Avantlink.

For The Permanent Record!

This site WILL NEVER employ those despicable, browser intrusive, pay per click or pay per impression ads!

Enjoy this purely random, non-browser intrusive ad from our extensive list of excellent sponsors. Donate or Buy something to help fund this site! Post your comments and questions about the system below.

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Firearms Friendly Reviews

More than just guns

Relatively new to the site but thoroughly enjoying it. Like to read others opinions on topics I am interested in. Helps me learn and there appears to be some very knowledgeable people here. There also is a strong sense of what is needed to keep our country strong and a willingness to stand up for it. Definitely feel like I am involved with like minded individuals.

“Dave” Davis

A True community

Very impressed with the quality of the members of this community. Kind, helpful, good natured, intellegent, NON-JUDGMENTAL ( a major step forward compared to most “name brand” social media sites) It’s soooo refreshing to be able to start a dialog….. on ANY subject, without fear of reprisal.

Not just “Firearms Friendly”, but just plain FRIENDLY!

Paul Dolan

Firearms Knowledge

FF, is the web site to Feel free to express an opinion, without having rhetorical comments from The Anti-Gun Liberals.

Paul DAscenz

brothers in arms and veiws that stand together even though seperated by thousands of miles feels like home.

was new on the site and was welcomed with wide open arms . spent a lot of time looking for a place to call home found it here with my new brothers /sisters . thank you guys for being who you are and not taking any shit that seams to roll down hill


A new home for those that love fire arms

I was looking for a new place to land after becoming disgusted with face book! I landed here and what a very pleasant landing! Great people, gun info, parts and supplies! What more could you ask?

Rich Hampshire

A great place!

A great place to discuss and learn anything firearms related. Find the groups you like, join them and let the fun begin. Truly a great place for like minded 2nd amendment supporters to share information without fear of being put in face book jail.

Gary Udaka

The most Intelligent and well informed folks anywhere

There is everything from cooking, to history, literature, current events, and of course, firearms. Come grow with us. There is no better social media site on the web. Period. You can discuss a wide range of topics without going to jail, and even if others disagree, they do so politely, without putting others down. A site that doesn’t track you. No adds popping up selling items related to your last web search. Great place and great people.


Post without fear of oppression!

Great site with great people who don’t get all butt hurt when any topic of discussion is broached. It’s great to find like minded people who like guns, love America, aren’t afraid of a little dust up on occasion and when it’s all said and done, are civil to each other. Gee, just like it used to be in the real world before it started snowing! Anyhow, there is a lot a great conversation, funny as hell jokes, good info and camaraderie that is not allowed on more “progressive” forums. C’mon, what have you got to lose? Sign up today and be a part of the cool kids!

Liberty ForAll

Firearms Friendly

Beats FB, easier to use than MeWe, cleaner page than UGE. I would prefer a few things to be a bit different, but I’m not about to complain!

Nathan McDilley

Awsome Site

This is the one page I can talk about my main interest in life and enjoy positive feedback from a non snowflake community.

John Hardy

Great New Site! Happy to be here!

Randy has developed a platform here for freedom-loving people to use without fear of being thrown in the solitary slammer for saying no-no things that don’t tow the leftist line! Looking forward to helping this site grow into a powerhouse! Thank You, Randy!

Elisa Delaurenti

Real People with Real Sense and a Fun Community.

I’ve been part of the Firearms Friendly for over a year. I found them through an NRA article when FB was busy blocking people and content. I was welcomed and included immediately. There’s a group for everyone and all shooting interests, which are great places to ask questions and for help. I love the content the regulars post and how the site has evolved and grown. No adds to deal with or “suggested” crap. I go through the site for all my purchases and any discount codes or promotions always work when I place my orders.

Brian Conklin

Great Site, Glad to be Here

I have been familiarizing myself since joining yesterday (April 20, 2020) and this is a fantastic place. I look forward to meeting folks and having some great conversation.

David Chapman

Better than face book with guns!!!!

A great place to have gun and conservative discussions without the speech Nazi’s!

Richard J Hampshire

Firearms Friendly..Plus Much More!

Firearms Friendly is a place where men and women of all ages and backgrounds can share their thoughts, opinions and interests on a variety of topics. There are many pertinent news articles, jokes, and of course, discussions promoting the safe and lawful use of firearms. Discussions involve many subjects and various points of view and are conducted in a respectful manner. There are knowledgeable experts from many fields here, including firearms, should you need advice or have questions. So get out of Facebook hell and get a breath of fresh air!

Ben Merendino

Freedom Friendly

It’s great to finally see a social media site that supports freedom and individual liberty. If you are tired of feeling you need to be politically correct or having to worry about being censored by the tolerant left, Firearms Friendly may be the place for you. It is very refreshing to see people having logical discussions on a variety of topics without the emotionally driven drama we so often witness at other sites. Great job Firearms Friendly! I look forward to watching this site grow.

Ron Duncan

Looking Good, so far

Nice to have this available, Waaaay better than FB and all it’s entanglements