How does this site make money from ads different from most sites?

This website is different than a vast majority of other sites because we refuse to violate your browser for Google!

Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing a site like Facebook and see an advertisement related to a Google search you did yesterday or this morning? We are under constant surveillance and targeting from Google, Facebook and many other websites out there as well as any website that is on their payroll and employs their ads. They violate your browser constantly to see where you are, where you’ve been and what you’ve searched for in order to target ads to you. Which is currently estimated at 70% of websites out there! That percentage of websites is dependent on Google! Does that not concern anyone else? If you love online firearms freedom, it should! They hate guns!

How do ads at most websites work?

Banner and text ads you see at most sites are based on a pay per click system. They are targeting your browser history, time of day, location, age, gender and a multitude of other identifiers to find related ads you might like. If you click on an ad, the merchant is charged. The website makes a click payment that can be anywhere from 1 cent to $1.50 or more per click.

How is Firearms Friendly any different?

Visitors here MUST ACTUALLY BUY SOMETHING after clicking through ads for this site to make any money! Yes, we have to work harder, but merchants are not needlessly charged for clicks that may not even result in a sale. We don’t have to violate your browser and the potential is actually higher, the better of a job we do promoting our sponsors. It will take longer to get to a stable income where we don’t have to worry about paying the bills, but we can all sleep better at night knowing we’re not helping them bend you over!

How exactly does it work?

After you click through an ad, whether it’s an image or a text link, you will see a “?avad=” at the end of the url if it is one of our sponsors. If you understand how to preview links before clicking on them, it will display there as well. If that appears and your ad blockers are off for this site, a cookie is set by our firearms friendly affiliate program managers at Avantlink. If you complete a transaction after clicking a link here, this site makes a commission of between 1-6% depending on the sponsor and item. If you don’t clear these cookies, they will expire after an average of 30 days. Some are longer, some are shorter. It all depends on the sponsor and their program at Avantlink.

For The Permanent Record!

This site WILL NEVER employ those despicable, browser intrusive, pay per click or pay per impression ads!

Enjoy this purely random, non-browser intrusive ad from our extensive list of excellent sponsors. Donate or Buy something to help fund this site! Post your comments and questions about the system below.

Shared By: Randy Miller
A Made in Montana firearms friendly website developer and promoter helping to preserve, protect and expand American firearms freedom.

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