The real purpose of mandatory masks

“It’s just a mask…”, “Just wear a mask, it’s not a big deal…”, “We all should wear masks. If masks work, they will save lives, and if they don’t work, they cannot hurt anybody, but they help people feel safe.”

We all heard these arguments many times. The last statement is probably the most important because since July 2020 medical community knew that covid-19 is an airborne transmitted disease that cannot be stopped by surgical and cloth masks. But, even if masks have no medical purpose, they don’t hurt anyone…” Or, maybe they do. Could it be that there is a reason why Americans were always famous for their smiles and spent thousands of dollars on dental health and good looking teeth? What masks do?

Let’s take a look at the photos of children in the USSR. Different children, different ages, various schools, the same faces with no smiles. I still remember our teachers yell at us and demand us to stop smiling. “Don’t smile! Why are you smiling as idiot Americans? Stop smiling! ” So, one of the most memorable messages Soviet people learned in Soviet free for all, mandatory for all schools from teachers they couldn’t choose was that:

Americans smile because they are stupid. 

Smiles are bad. 

Americans are bad. Americans are enemies. 

Americans are the only people who smile at strangers. 

We must be afraid of strangers who smile at us because they are our enemies.

But why communist ideologists hated smiles? What smiles do? The answer to this question could be found in the book written by Konrad Lonrenz On Aggression.

And, we need to understand the difference between a free democratic society and a totalitarian regime.

A Totalitarian society is a society ruled by a tyrant or a small group of tyrants. It is a society in which “everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others.”

A free democratic society is a society of FREE individuals. Free individuals are individuals who are capable and willing to defend themselves and their property. Free individuals are independent individuals who are ARMED and therefore are not afraid of strangers. 

Human beings did not always make their weapons. In the beginning, teeth were their weapon. The same as open carry often helps avoid unnecessary conflict, genuine smiles that show healthy teeth subconsciously help us be afraid less of strangers and avoid needless aggressiveness. The same as firearms, smiles make us free; they make us equal. 

So, what happens when genuine smiles are banned? What happens when little children are raised to believe that they must cover their faces and not exchange smiles because their smiles can kill? They grow up to be afraid of being independent. They grow up to be afraid of being armed. They grow up to be afraid of being equal and free. They grow up to be slaves. 

If Americans will continue to agree with mask mandates, if they will continue to agree to cover their children’s mouths with pieces of cloths because these pieces of cloths make somebody ‘feel safe’, very soon, gun confiscation would not be an issue. It will be done on a voluntary basis with full support from the vast majority of the population. Slaves don’t need dangerous things. Slave owners do a much better job of protecting their property from being damaged. And, if smiles can kill a grandma, can you imagine the horrible things that a bullet can do?  


Shared By: Anna Donor Americans For Prosperity Say No To Communism!
I grew up in USSR , in a birthplace of 'democratic socialism'. Democratic socialism in country of my origin is directly responsible for a death of more than 20 millions of people in Gulag, for ethnic genocide of population of Ukraine during Holodomor, for helping communists dictators to take power over China, North Korea, and Cuba, for invading and occupying Baltic Republics and Eastern Europe. In United States of America at the beginning of 21st century, communist ideological propaganda controls our public schools, academia, main stream media and the leadership of Democratic party. It must be stopped.

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