Taurus TX22 Table Top Review

In this review I go over the Taurus TX22. Overall the gun is really cool and I’m looking forward to taking it to Steel Challenges. Please like and share and thank you for watching.

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AR trigger

Looking to start a build. I have a cmmg lower parts kit but want to upgrade the trigger. My other lower receiver has a trigger that came with the parts kit. It is the first build in 556 and is used for plinking. The other one has two stage Jewel trigger. The stock trigger is not very good, lots of gritty creep and over travel. The Jewel is great. My next build is going to be used for hog hunting.  As in all things, economics is a defining limit. Another Jewel trigger is out of the budget limit. I am looking for a trigger for around $150 or less. That has a nice clean break, very little creep and as little overtravel. That is a tall order, maybe to much to ask for. Does anyone here any knowledge of a trigger that could work?

Common Bullet Types and Uses

In this video I go over some common Bullet Types out in the market and what they are used for.

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How will YOU celebrate this year? Let us know here!

Dear MSSA Friends,

Many of you wrote to say you liked my story about the political fix for storage of powder and primers in sporting goods stores. Thanks.

Since you liked that story, here’s one about the genesis of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms week of celebration coming up beginning on March 2nd.

In 1989 we had our first bill before the Legislature to give Montana a “shall issue” concealed weapon permit system. Up until then, there were very few permits issued in Montana. We lost that bill in 1989 because of some political chicanery – too long a story to tell here.

So, we came back to the 1991 legislative session with an improved bill and an improved plan to get it passed. I was very frustrated that it was difficult to get legislators’ attention to talk about our CCW bill. The Democrats had a majority in both the Senate and House and were using that power to cram through legislation opposed by Republicans. One particularly contentious bill, bitterly debated, was one to create a paid state holiday to celebrate civil rights activist Martin Luther King.

I had no position about King and the proposed holiday, although Rosa Parks is more my idea of a civil rights hero. The problem was that legislators were so wrapped up in the contention about the proposed King holiday that they couldn’t hold still to talk about our CCW bill.

I was sitting in the rotunda of the Capitol, waiting for the floor sessions of Senate and House to finish so I could find legislators I wanted to talk to about CCW. It occurred to me that given the relevance of the issues here in Montana, if we were to have a day to celebrate King, we should have a whole week to celebrate the RKBA and another week to celebrate our hunting heritage. So, sitting in the rotunda, I got out a legal pad and wrote two bills, one for a week in March to celebrate our RKBA and another for a week in September to celebrate hunting.

I handed off my two draft bills to legislator friends. Republicans loved these bills as a way to regain some political space lost over the King contest. Both bills flew through the Legislature and were signed into law by Governor Stan Stephens. So, Montana law ever since has set aside a full week to celebrate our RKBA, beginning with the first Monday in March of each year. Here’s the law in Montana:

1-1-224. Observance of right to keep and bear arms. The week beginning the first Monday in March is an official week of observance to commemorate Montana’s valued heritage of the right of each person to keep and bear arms in the defense of the person’s home, person, or property or in aid of civil power. During this week, all Montanans are urged to reflect on their right to keep and bear arms and to celebrate this right in lawful ways.

Oh, and we finally did get Montana’s “shall issue” CWP law passed and signed into law that session, maybe providing even more reason to celebrate our RKBA.

That’s the story and I’m sticking to it. Now you know what to celebrate in your area in the upcoming first week of March.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana


You don’t need gun control when Big Gov lobbyist lackeys will do it for them. [Video]

For those of you that still use PayPal, you should stop immediately. While in the past we were forced to use them on eBay, they shut down our payment processing and seized around $13,000 in our account saying we had violated their Acceptable Use Policy. Here’s the thing, nothing we sold on eBay violated that, because well they use the blanket statement “Certain Firearm Accessories and Parts are banned from Sale”. Don’t tell you what parts, because then they can choose at whim what to shut down a small business for. Held our money for six months, well last week they changed their policy stating they would no longer absorb violation fees that they pay to the U.S. Government. Oh and these “violations” are $2500 a pop. They have NO ACTUAL PAPERWORK on what we violated, and refuse to give us anything. Only $2500 violation I can think of would be ITAR, and we don’t ship outside of the US. So they kept our $13,000 dollars saying it was fees for violations, haven’t told us what it was nor will tell us, and because of the current political climate we can even get our own Sheriff’s Department to file charges. They say somewhere buried in the legalese will be clauses that they can do this. Add in that PayPal is super friendly with our current governor and they are in the same f’ing building as our state Attorney General means that money is gone forever. A few months payroll for one employee gone. Bonuses for employees gone. All highly criminal behavior, but completely legal because our illustrious Government has allowed corporations more rights than actual people. Think we were the only ones? Nope, everyones favorite grip appliqué Tractiongrips, Type 01 FFL Dealer has had their eBay account suspended, and I would guess at this point their account drained as well. Don emailed us this morning with Google Ad Sense terminating his account without ANY PRIOR VIOLATIONS OR REASON, stating it is due to a change in their policies. Wake up people, Big Brother doesn’t have to ban shit, they’re getting their corporate lackeys to do all the work for them.

Is it Time for Minutemen Again?

I look at the daily reports on the news of the “invasion” of our country by illegals and it frustrates me. The Trump administration wants to stop it but the other side wants it to continue.

The administration is unwilling to take that step which will stop it. Unfortunately. as long as there is little risk and no consequences for crossing the border, the illegals will continue to do so. Hypothetically, if a warning spray of bullets hit under the feet of the people sitting on top of those fences, what do you think would happen? Obviously, the violators would scramble back to their side as fast as possible. How many would risk a second climb? Signs need to be put up warning illegals of fatal consequences if they attempt to cross.

What if they do cross? Well, a warning not kept is an invitation. Who will do this? The military is held helpless by politics and, this cannot go on. If a person can defend their home from invaders, does it not flow that, a country can be defended by its citizens? Perhaps it is time that the citizens of this country defended their home by converging on the southern border and stop the invasion. In that scenario, no one gets in. No one foot in makes you safe. everyone is turned back. Violent invaders are shown the error of their ways. At the river, boats are turned back with force as necessary.

I will bet you that, the same law enforcement and military who are helpless to stop the invasion soon show up to stop the defense of the country by its citizens. By constantly moving from place to place, the citizens would remain effective and the government ineffective. Guerrilla defense?

The Minutemen defended this country once. I submit that it may be time to lose patience with politics and do what is necessary. It is time to go on the offense so that, there is an effective defense.

I invite your thoughts.