Generation Z – The New Hope for Conservatism in the USA

In between tracking AOC idiocies I have been doing research and working a root cause analysis to determine why each generation is dumber than the last. I have a very lengthy theory which is complicated to type out on this here iPhone. I will say, as abbreviated as possible, the baby boomers created lazy millennial’s because they worked hard trying to give them a better life than they had for themselves in their coming-of-age years. This is not blame. I applaud the effort. I also want my children to be better, smarter, and faster than me. Unfortunately, they did so well providing it backfired by ingraining an entitlement mentality.

A conclusion I have drawn is that us gen x-ers, with our lack of interest in real life shit in the 90s and early 2000s and our “you’re-fucking-stupid-you-stupid-fucking-millennial” attitude seems to be influencing our offspring, gen z, in such a way they are more fiscally conservative minded than the 3 generations before them.

The research and sample size is limited since we are only a few years into their entry into the workforce, but I see the light. I am seeing/meeting teenagers who utilize deductive reasoning and struggle to understand why the leftist mentality was so strong among millennial’s and the tail-end of some gen x-ers.

Generation Z, people born approximately 1995-2015, makeup 20-25% of the current population. So far, they have been considered primarily conservative. I believe those of us raising the little shits in this generation have an opportunity to move the political and social needle to the right side for the next 50 years. My 10 year old son understands more about structure of government and personal responsibility than 2 millennial’s I had working for me a few years ago. This is not bragging my boy up, as he is not ahead of his classmates in these areas, it is pointing out how little millennial’s comprehend anything beyond their feelings.