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I have been a member for some time. I guess that I expected to see this site grow quickly due to it’s appeal. I think the demographics are there but, I do not think the site it being promoted enough. It should appeal to any firearm owner, 2nd Amendment supporter and anyone who is as appalled by the major social media site’s left wing bias. This site is as close to social media use as I have or will come. I have told a number of people about it but more needs to be done. Maybe a PR firm or a media consultant is needed to let the world know that this site exists.

I am in the process of relocating but, once I get settled, I intend to make a contribution in the hopes that it may help with “getting the word out”.  Perhaps, just as some businesses advertise here, the site can do the same on the business sites. Make a trade. It may be worth more than money.

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I am a long-time contributor to Gun Values Board. I have posted many blogs there with stories and opinions. I occasionally answer posted questions. I have served in two branches of the military for a total of 20 years.

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I am honestly at a loss myself and open to all suggestions. Initially it blew up because of Fascistbook's policies. It would probably have continued if they hadn't tweaked their algorithms to limit vs censor our posts. I have tried for over three years now to invite organizations, creators and news media networks to share their content here, create free groups when they are censored and limited elsewhere to no avail. They may pop in, post once and vanish. As for keeping this site up and running financially, it has operated at a loss thus far. If I don't pester people with ads constantly here and everywhere else, it won't survive, especially when there's no ammo to sell! Luckily my other websites pick up the slack for now. Not having a consistent revenue stream is a major issue. If more people were able to commit to regular [donations]( through [Patreon](, this would give me a regular budget to work with for development and promotion. Right now, it's all about paying the hosting fees for next month. It is growing slowly but surely. Definitely at this point more slowly than surely.
01/02/2021 3:30 pm
I have a Few Suggestions. First you have a great website and done very professionally. I totally understand working with a small budget every dollar needs to go the extra mile and I have found with my own business that marketing the grass root ways to grow your audience and keep them comming back is best for small budgets . With that said my first Suggestion is to find a 2nd amendment Social Influencer that has a fairly nice size group of followers and will charge you a small fee and invite him or her to the site to do a blog of some sort and create some great content and in return you should land a few of their followers as new members of your Website. Secondly i would create a mission or vision statement that I would make it very public what you are trying to do or accomplish and with that ask for donations to obtain your vision or goals you listed you should see donations more often with this from people who really believe in your vision that you are promoting. Lastly being that your are not very big at the present time you should really concentrate on a Grass Root approach. I be gladly to help you with that Randy if you would like as you know I go to many gun shows and meet with many people who are Pro 2nd Amendment and I have no problem spreading the work I would need you to make a flyer that I can put on my Table free of charge so you can get in front of many more people then you are currently doing. If you would like to discuss things further Randy you know how to contact me.
@peepso_user_2(Randy) I agree with Lon that marketing grassroots and having a blog is a good idea. However, in my opinion, the goal should be to increase overall traffic and sales. At times when feds print money instead of freeing local economies, inflation is unavoidable, and when inflation hits, the first thing people stop doing is donating. I would suggest you partner with local small businesses (I personally like to advertise each other. Also, I searched for "Montana ammo sales", "Bulk ammo Montana", "firearms Montana". I found your and I didn't find in any search. Maybe you should consider reorganizing your websites to not duplicate the content at different places, to concentrate the traffic in one domain, and to increase your visibility.
Thanks for the input Anna. Pondering...... We have a blog now that any member can post to for free at Montana has always been completely organic. You will find FF on the site ranked among it's peers.
I have added Empire and reset all rank at Click to vote daily to help keep them at the top. Share with them that that they've been added and encourage them to send their visitors to click and vote. NOTE: Also vote for firearms friendly while you're there to help keep us at the top.
01/03/2021 5:23 pm
Also encourage Empire to join here and list their business for free in the FF search engine at