One party government. What could possibly go wrong?

On January 6, Sen. Schumer told the people of America that the storming of the Capital would be added to “the list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.” 

With all the ridiculousness of comparison events on Capitol Hill with Pearl Harbor, Schumer was right January 6, 2021, will be the date that will live in history for a very long time. January 6, 2021, was when the members of Congress officially nullified the rights of the people for fear and honest elections, and the party of Marx, Lenin, and Xi Jinping usurped the federal power. 

Unless you are an immigrant from the former USSR, Cuba, or Eastern Europe, you never studied the theory of scientific communism. In the Soviet Union, this subject of ‘science’ was a mandatory class for all high-schools and colleges. In these classes, we had to study the works of Marx and Lenin. Especially Lenin, since he took Marxist theory and implemented it in full in practice. All the ideas of social equality and ‘democratic socialism’ that Democrats promote as the only way to solve American problems, they took from these works. They just forgot to tell you how exactly Lenin planned to implement these ideas. So, here are steps that, according to Lenin, are crucial to establishing a socialist society: 

  1.  Unlimited access to unrestricted information puts a vulnerable population at the risk of becoming victims of harmful capitalist and religious propaganda. Therefore, truly democratic freedom of speech requires strict control by the government and the ruling party.
  2. “Religion is the opium of the people—this dictum by Marx is the cornerstone of the whole Marxist outlook on religion. Marxism is materialism. As such, it is as relentlessly hostile to religion… We must combat religion—that is the ABC of all materialism, and consequently of Marxism.”
  3. Farmers who own land and small business owners who own means of productions of their businesses could never accept socialism because, under socialism, ALL means of production belong to the government. This means that to establish socialism, small business owners must be physically exterminated, and the idea of entrepreneurship must be eradicated from the people’s minds.

If you still believe that it is not such a big deal that a party behind a pedophile with dementia took over the federal government, you didn’t pay attention to what this party already achieved. If you think that our freedom is lost forever, you are too pessimistic. First, we still have our 10th amendment. Second, you are reading this on

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I grew up in USSR , in a birthplace of 'democratic socialism'. Democratic socialism in country of my origin is directly responsible for a death of more than 20 millions of people in Gulag, for ethnic genocide of population of Ukraine during Holodomor, for helping communists dictators to take power over China, North Korea, and Cuba, for invading and occupying Baltic Republics and Eastern Europe. In United States of America at the beginning of 21st century, communist ideological propaganda controls our public schools, academia, main stream media and the leadership of Democratic party. It must be stopped.

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Succinct and to the point. The only thing between this sort of tyranny now are the federal courts and the red states. Of course if the judges do not have the courage to stand up to socialism, then they aren't much help. If the red states do not stand up for the 10th Amendment they are not help. So it looks like its up to each citizen to stand up and be counted.